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Our Soaps

Rejuvenating, Refreshing
Soothing Colors and scents from nature
A soap that will do you good!
What to Buy? It happens throughout life. You want to buy a gift for someone, but you’re just not sure what, especially with a loved one who you have already bought for many times in the past...
Natural Therapeutic Soap-For Acne and Pimples In addition to its high content of healing Dead Sea minerals and essential oils, this therapeutic soap is rich in activated charcoal which absorbs much...
Natural Cinammon Peel Soap Treat yourself to the wonders of nature! This soap is made from fresh Cinnamon peels, whose sweet and delicious aroma comes from the inner bark of the Cinnamon tree. One of...
Natural Lemongrass Soap Enjoy the purity of nature with this wonderful Lemongrass soap. With its delicate citrus scent, Lemongrass it is known for its ability to calm the digestive system, reduce...
Organic Goat Milk Soap- Geranium Scented Saboneto's fresh Organic Goat Milk Soap, infused with a delightful Geranium scent, is the product of our goats which graze out in the green pastures of the...
More Soaps from Saboneto's Dead Sea Mud Series For thousands of years, the wondrous healing properties of Dead Sea mud have been used to make skin more healthy, beautiful, and youthful. Dead Sea mud...

About Saboneto

The Saboneto family factory is located in Kokchav Hashachar, Israel, in the pristine mountains of the Binyamin region that overlook the Dead Sea.  There, Saboneto founder Shlomo Keshet oversees the production of these rare, precious soaps. The Keshet family takes special pride in its all natural formula, each bar a fusion of pure, high quality oils together with authentic Dead Sea mud, salts and minerals, as well as organic, fragrant plants. The result is a luxurious, healthy washing experience that cleanses the body and awakens the soul with its intoxicating scents that will take you back to the Garden of Eden.

Saboneto soaps use only natural ingredients, and each bar is made with the personal family touch from the moment the plants are picked to the wrapping itself. The Keshet family invites you too as well to join this festival of scents, to enjoy this fabulous soap, healthy and refreshing. 

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